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CPR Model,Computer Control Model CPR,ISO First Aid Training

ISO Quality Certification 55cm Both Sexes 20 Torso Model,Human Model,Body Anatomy Model

ISO Bust CPR Model,CPR Model,Computer Control Practice Training Dummies

ISO Adult Arm Vein Puncture Training Model,Arm Transfusion Practice Model,Intravenous Model

4D Lung Intelligence Assembling Toy Human Organ Anatomy Model Medical Teaching DIY Popular Science Appliances

Spirometry Breathing Exerciser Training Ins Pirometer Inhalation Respiration Lung Device Pulmonary J3

ISO 42CM Male Torso 13 Parts,Male Organ Anatomical Model Parts,Anatomy

A. M. Asif Rahim Effect of pleurotomy on lung function after CABG surgery

Pleurotomy means opening of the pleural Cavity(Pleura means lung's cover)during internal mammary artery harvest(the artery that supplies chest wall,pleura,esp breast in female...mammaRY GLAND MEANS BREAST,this artery is used as conduit for bypass in CABG Surgery)causes deterioration of pulmonary function (pulmonary means lung)after CABG(coronary artery bypass graft surgery,coronary artery means ..the arteries which nourishes heart..in this surgery bypass route is created in the blocked coronary arteries to reestablished blood flow in heart ) Surgery

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ISO Surgical Suture Practice Module,New Skin Skill Model

Marco Spoladore Analysis and Modeling of A Thermosolar Plant

This book describes a dynamic model for a linear Fresnel collector field of a solar refrigeration plant. The collector field concentrates solar radiations on a tube that heats up water that is used by an absorption machine to produce chilled air for refrigeration purposes. The model takes into account the solar radiation losses produced by the mirrors and the absorbing tube structure as well as the temperatures in 64 segments of the receiving tube and water. Although the dynamic model is of high dimension and nonlinear, the identification problem can be expressed as a linear problem in model parameters. The least square method was used for identification. The model was validated comparing the simulation results with the plant data for diifferent operating conditions.

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Architecture scales of model Boat,model anchor,model buoy,model chair ,model wood bikinis and white umbrella sand

14PCS of Architecture scales model Boat,model anchor,model buoy,model chair ,model wood bikinis and white umbrella sand

Kriti Divya In-Silico Pulmonary . Serum Hydrophilic Surfactant Protein Interaction

Lung biosurfactants are essential biomolecules which help in normal breathing, alveolar stability, and defense systems. One of the most common human lung biosurfactants, SP-D, is useful to combat various respiratory diseases such as IPF, ILD, COPD, GERD, HLA-B27, VKH, CF and PH. In this work, 3 human lung biosurfactants, SP-A, SP-D and MBP-C have been opted and analysed based on their binding affinities to Antigens and Moldock scores. This analysis leads to selection of one of the BS, SP-D. The SP-D gene is then suggested to be inserted into a commercial DH5 α E.coli strain and the large scale production of SP-D is done according to the calculated world requirement. In short, these in-silico and in-vitro interaction studies have been done to find the best native and modeled mutant BS proteins which can help us fight various pulmonary diseases occurring due to attack of microbes as well as to cure the in-born defects in pulmonary metabolism. This book deals with the study of lung BS interactions. It would be helpful for those trying to research using various tools available with bioinformatics and also for those trying to tread the path of large scale production.

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Peyman Mikaili, Ali Asghar Hemmati New Pharmacological Trends in Therapy of Pulmonary Fibrosis

From man's earliest attempts to manufacture tools and cloths and construct buildings, he has faced health risks from inhalable substances or dusts in the workplace. With sophistication of life and creation of villages, cities and societies, such risks became more serious. Fibrosis is the abnormal production of collagen fibers following tissue damage. This accounts for the formation of scar tissue. Lung fibrosis is one of the typical ways in which the lung reacts to damaging stimuli. Historically, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis was thought to be a deleterious consequence of persistent lung inflammation that followed an unknown insult. It is clear that novel strategies are required in the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis. Specific anticytokine therapies will require evaluation, used either singly or in combination. In this book, we practically investigated the involving phenomena during the process of bleomycin-induced fibrosis in murine lung.

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Engine model external combustion engine / micro generator steam teaching

8cm scale model tree miniature color N layout building kits

1:50 scale model bathroom furnitures, bathtube,model sink Toilet

Engine model external combustion engine / micro generator steam teaching

ARCHITECTURAL MODEL MAKING Miniature scale model bamboo 8cm green for trains layout

External combustion engine small tank model / micro generator steam

30pcs/lot scale model artificial kits didactical doll 1:150 umbrella